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My weekend was really long…… From joggling music, church, family and the my personal favorite: timeout to enjoy a good meal.

Fast-forward to Sunday evening, I hung out with a friend  at the new Amazon Spur Steak Ranch at Landmark center.
They have a nice parking area, it’s a short walk to the restaurant itself, considering how big the landmark center is. It’s really clean, the air conditioning was switched off I think, but that was OK, the weather was really cool.
Immediately we sat down, a waiter dropped the menu. The menu is really good to look at, we confirmed from the waiter that the food preparation was halal (so Muslims can eat here as well).
I ordered a mix platter called the Chief’s Platter fried calamari, pork ribs, beef kebab, Jollof rice/fried rice or wings, chicken wings with a really yummy sauce called the tartare sauce (there were other sauce options too). My friend ordered their New york sirloin steak with mashed potatoes (there was the option of rice, fries etc) and Cole slaw. I ordered a rock shandy cocktail ( virgin), my friend had a boring old coke 😩.
The order took 15mins to arrive, which isn’t so bad except you’re starving,which I was.
The food was amazing! The calamari was perfect, the Jollof rice had the delightful Nigerian party Jollof taste, the ribs were soft (you can even break the bones, if you’re into that sorta thing, I sure am 😂). Needless to say, I downed the whole lot!
This platter is enough for two people, if you’re Ajebutter and don’t eat so much 🙄
I tried my friend’s mashed potatoes and well done steak (you know i would), it was glorious.
We ordered dessert, which consisted of hot soft waffles and a big ice cream scoop and syrup topping (we shared one plate) . The Waffle was yum, the only down side to the whole evening is that the ice-cream was old or cheap, it also had a lot of ice. I complained to the waiter who promised to tell the chef /manager. So hopefully that will be fixed. They gave us small peach candies that came in the bill, nice eh? 😁
Overall, I give the new restaurant a 4.5.. over 5
Excellent service.
Excellent food.
Nice ambience.
PS: They don’t do home deliveries just yet. in a few weeks, they said.

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