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So the other day, I was going through my WhatsApp status/story and I saw that a friend had posted a huge platter of small chops, for himself alone…😱.   I jejely slid into his private message and checked up on him, of course he wasn’t falling for any of that 😒, he refused to invite me to join as I had earlier hoped. Left hurt and completely broken, I did what a true long throat would do, I took a screenshot of the smallchops picture *and stared* at it all day. Eventually, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I took the contact info of the smallchops company (Lovely and Spices Smallchops). The following week I called them, I ordered that same platter which cost six thousand naira (6000). The lady I chatted with, was real friendly, patient and calm (trust me, I gave her wahala). It took me close to one hour to decide what exactly I wanted (I wanted to do a mix and match).
The order took 2hrs to arrive, which is fair in my opinion, considering I placed the order that day. The original 6000 naira platter comes with 10 spring rolls,10 samosas,10 pieces of chicken BBQ,10 pieces of stick meat (that’s what they called it, but it looked like a kebab but on toothpick. Yeah, real small), 10 fried pieces of gizzard, 50 Puff Puff balls and 50 plantain mosa balls. I had them take out 5 pieces of the mini kebab and throw in 5 pieces of corn dogs. That added up to six thousand five hundred naira (6500), delivery cost one thousand naira (1000). Total of seven thousand, five hundred naira (7500).
The spring rolls were good, just the right amount of oil, not so full on the inside, but tasted very good.
The samosas were perfect, fried to perfection and yum.
The chicken barbecue, very nice but I’m sure a yoruba person spiced it up. The pepper Ehn….???!! 😩🤦 Very hot! (for me) . Same as the mini kebabs.
The mosas were, well… Mosas.
The puff puff was really good! You know how you always ignore at least one or two pieces of puff puff when eating small chops. That won’t happen with Lovely and Spices smallchops. I ate every last one!
The gizzard wasn’t fried to stone, it was fried well enough to bite into it with bad teeth and still know it was fried and at same time tasting the juicyness inside. 😏
Now, I really looked forward to this corndog and I have to say I was really disappointed. It tasted ‘cheap’. I felt I was eating puff puff and a baby size, less tasting frankfurter. 😒
All in all, I really enjoyed it. If I hadn’t added the corndog, I would be happier, with a pepper blistered tongue but happier nonetheless.
To all the people I unwillingly shared my smallchops with, there’s no next time. 😑 And a quick shout out to all the people who begged me for smallchops, after seeing it on my status, Funmi, FUNKE, Larissa, Tope, Baptista (In Beyonce’s voice ‘sorry, I ain’t sorry’)
PS. This platter will feed ten not so hungry people.
Delivery… Awesome
Reception …. Awesome
Food….. Good

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